Mr. Pezhman Ziaian, the managing director of Pezhhan Cultural Advertising Institute, has been awarded the Customer-Oriented Gold Medal.

The 2nd Global Conference of Customer-Oriented Leaders, with the approach of the role of economic managers in advancing the resistance economy, in the presence of more than 400 successful managers of private and public sectors was held at the National Library and Documentation Center of Tehran.
According to assessments by relevant experts, in the closing ceremony, the national golden medal and the statue of a customer-oriented approach were awarded to Pezhman Ziaian, the managing director of the Pezhhan Institute.Presenting and sharing the latest management practices in the revitalization of the global economy with respect to the pattern of investment and international trade in Iran, dissemination of Iranian-Islamic Management Culture, investigating the appropriate strategies and creating solutions for customer satisfaction have been among the top rated titles for awarding him this excellent medal. In this ceremony, which was held following the implementation of notification policies and emphasizing of the honorable president of the republic on the protection and safeguarding of the rights of the people and the respect and satisfaction of clients and customers, Dr. Saied Khazaee Head of the Center for Future Studies of Tehran University, Mr.Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaee Mazdabadi Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Association of Urban Economics of Iran, Mr. Morteza Talaee Deputy Chairman of the Fourth Islamic Council of Tehran City, Dr. Hosseinali Taghi Tehrani Advisor to the Head of the Organization for Management and Planning of the Country, Engineer Fereidoon Pirloon Advisor to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development delivered lectures, and at the end of the meeting the chosen ones were honored.

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