Bushehr International Airport


The airport is the main airport of the city and the province. In the years before the Islamic Revolution, it had been the focus of many flights to Iran and one of the country's main airports in its time. Bushehr airport had been the first destination of British Airway of England and KLM Airway of the Netherlands in Iran. It should be noted that the first aircraft landed at the airport in 1924 and it was a Junkers aircraft made in Germany. Following the formation of the Iranian Air Force, the first ordered military aircraft cargo was discharged at the port of Bushehr and was then sent to other parts of Iran from this airport. The flights from this airport are done by Sky (Aseman), Iran Air, Zagros Mahan, Kish Air, and Oil to Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kharg, Mashhad, Dubai, Ahvaz and Kish. The airport has an average of five incoming and five outgoing flights per day.

Source: bushehr.airport.ir







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