Kish International Airport

In 1973, an equipped airport was built for the largest aircrafts along the Kish Air Force Runway, and by landing the first Concorde passenger plane, the airport was officially opened. Currently, Kish International Airport is one of the most active and most economical airports in Iran and the fourth airport of country. In terms of volume of flight operations and with an annual admission of 4 million passengers and people coming to the airport, this airport is one of the most busy and family- passengers of all airports of the country.

There are regular flights from and to this airport to 15 domestic routes including Tehran, 12 provincial centers and 2 free and special economic zones of the country. In addition, development measures have been considered to increase domestic routes. Also, the airport will link Kish Island via international routes Dubai, Turkey, Iraq and other countries of the region to the World Widespread Transportation Network.It is worth noting, that Kish International Airport's exclusive international terminal with a capacity of 4 million passengers per year will be soon operational.

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