Martyr Hashemi Nejad International Airport, Mashhad


The airport of the holy city of Mashhad was built in 1951 at the site of the current airport’s pilgrim house. In 1967 the new runway of Mashhad airport was built and operated and every day, a flight of 3DC type from Tehran to Mashhad as well as training and Airtaxi flights used it in addition to military flights. With the increase of the flights and as 8DC aircrafts and following them Boeing 727, 737, 707, and Airbus entered, new parking and terminal of the flight control tower as well as side buildings of the new airport were operated in 1978 and their completion process continued until after the Islamic Revolution. After the Islamic Revolution, Mashhad airport entered a new phase of its activities. By the end of the war and the arrival of the country's reconstruction period, Mashhad airport was adorned with the holy name of Martyr Hashemi Nejad.
The airport has now 18 domestic flight routes and 20 international destinations, and it also cooperates with more than 26 domestic and international airlines. In terms of the number of takeoffs and landings, with a total of about 16 percent of all flights, the airport is the second one in the country after Mehrabad International Airport. Domestic airlines (Mahan, Iran Air, Sky (Aseman), Kish, Qeshm, Air Tour, ATA, Taban, Zagros, Caspian, Meraj and Oil) and 16 foreign airlines (Emirates, Turkish, Germania, Island, Shahin, Safi, Al-Iraqiya, Al-Arabiya, Fly Dubai, Fly Baghdad, Qatarieh, Kam Air and Kuwait) traffic at this airport. The airport hosts a daily average of 180 aircrafts from 16 domestic origins and 14 foreign ones.



Mashhad International Airport
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