Mehrabad International Airport


In February 1925, followed by the rapid development of the aviation industry, airline's exclusive rights were lawfully given to the German Junkers airline. 22 years later, and following the establishment of the pilot club in 1938, Mehrabad Airport was established and practically started working with twenty aircrafts. In 1946, the first Air Force pilots were sent abroad to be trained, and then in 1949 the Air Force began flight operations in Mehrabad with F.33 and T.86 airplanes. The airline industry technological progress and Iran's membership in ICAO World Organization led to the increasing growth of passenger and cargo air transport industry at this airport. As the first airport of the country, Mehrabad Airport is currently accepting nearly twelve million passengers. In terms of the number of domestic flights, the airport is in the first place in the country. Studies indicate the ever-increasing air traffic at Mehrabad airport. This airport cooperates with more than 13 domestic airlines.
Terminal 4 of the airport cooperates with Eram Air, Caspian, Aria Air, Sky (Aseman), Fars Qeshm, Oil, Saha, Kish, Mahan, Sahand and Taban airlines to the following destinations: IranShahr, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kish, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad, Yazd, Shiraz, Hamedan and Kermanshah, Gorgan, Ilam, Ramsar, Sabzevar, Yasouj and Sanandaj. Iran Air, Tiran Tour and Ata Airlines fly from Terminal 2 of the airport and travel to Lar, Mashhad, Shahr-e Kord, Shiraz, Sari, Tabriz, Orumiyeh, Zahedan, Batumi, Khorramabad and Zahedi. 24448 passengers pass through the airport every day.








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