Objectives and strategies


Although advertising has a long history in our country and it is said that advertising for transactions and events has a life of over a century, in fact the advertising industry with professional approaches and parallel to global functions is a new industry in Iran and requires methods and knowledge to promote public knowledge and get away from superficiality to this great profession, as this industry has covered today’s world.

Pezhhan cultural, advertising and publishing Institute that has taken its steps slowly and steadily, believes that by possessing and employing thinkers and specialists, the opportunity for those interested in the advertising industry has been created and reliable support in the field of graphic design and advertising can be provided to the community and job market. Also, by benefitting from the knowledge of the day as well as using available innovations in other related industries in line with new ideas and updated tools in the world, the institute can direct the advertising industry’s functions in the paths of innovation and creativity in new ways of implementation and suggestion.

Being along with the most innovative ideas in global advertising industry, the Institute will try to provide a good employment opportunity for graduates of the arts related to this industry.


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