Mr. Pezhman Ziaiean has been awarded the excellent medal of director of the year.

With the vote of the organizers of the last excellent medal of director of the year summit and by getting the rating and receiving the statue of this excellent medal, the managing director of Pezhhan Cultural-Advertising Institute could register his name among the top managers of the country.
Mr. Ziaiean, whose professional backgrounds and his works of art are lasting in the memory of those who have an artistic mind, has carried out, through photography and publishing various books, valuable activities in the field of recording historical and natural attractions of Shiraz and other cities of the country so far.

In this regard, the cultural deputy manager of the Pezhhan Cultural-Advertising Institute described the mechanism and methods of choosing the right people to receive this excellent medal, and expressed himself in this way: “The organizers of this summit select their elected managers according to executive records, compilation of books and articles, teaching and training activities, individual competences, worthiness presented in evaluation forms, executed projects and successful actions, as well as membership in associations and scientific and research centers.” According to Mr. Abdolamir Ataee, this organization, by reviewing Mr. Ziaiean's performance and records in various areas, considered him deserved to receive the excellent medal of director of the year, and at a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Center attended by a number of officials this medal was awarded to him. It is worth mentioning that every year, with efforts and accompaniments of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, Ministry of Information and communication Technology, Oil Ministry, Vice President of Science and Technology, National Iranian Standard Organization, The Islamic Consultative Assembly, Supreme Council for Free and Special Economic Zones, Department of Environment, Research Center of The Islamic Consultative Assembly, The National Summit on Excellent Medal of the Director of the Year is celebrated and in this way top managers will be selected. The theoretical pattern and implementation of this plan is designed on the basis of the world managers’ effectiveness patterns and focuses on both technical and technological aspects and does not merely consider profession successes. To accomplish and fulfill this goal properly and necessarily, it has been some years that, a comprehensive model has been developed to identify the merits of the management of the country’s managers, which relates the concepts of managers’ merit and management effectiveness, and describes their developmental components and effectiveness criteria. The professional knowledge, techniques and skills, personality traits, Islamic-Iranian aspects, general and professional credibility of the country’s managers are summarized in an overall merits assessment, and are considered along with such factors as managerial achievements within the framework of realizing the goals of the organization, effectiveness and satisfaction of the stakeholders.

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