The third period of the Pezhhan Feast was held.

Pezhhan Cultural-Advertising Institute holds an annual ceremony celebrating the reverence and great character of Martyr Pezhhan Ziaian. This year commemoration, which coincided with the institute’s 23rd year of operation, was held on Thursday 10th August in the Vesal hall of Shiraz Homa Hotel attended by special guests and all staff of the institute and their families. Mr. Pezhman Ziaian, the owner and manager of the Pezhan Cultural and Advertising Institute, in a speech delivered at the ceremony, while respecting the unmatched values of martyrs and citing Martyr Pezhhan Ziaian, had a glance at the institute performance over the past year and provided a self-analysis of how the institution works. Referring to new programs that are linked to the activities of the institute and new innovations in social issues he pointed out, that entering into the areas related to social and advertising activities are considered among the goals ahead of the institute and outlined the predictable outlooks for the future approaches of the institute. He also appreciated the efforts and activities of colleagues and thanked for the efforts and accompaniments of related organizations throughout the country. In planning of the ceremony, various categories were designed, including the implementation of cultural and artistic competitions, the introduction of new colleagues in the institute and the appreciation of the staff. The ladies Salehipoor, Sajedi, Zaydanparast, Teimoori, Barzegar and the gentlemen Shomali, Forghaninezhad, Esmaielzadeh, Zarei, Hatami were appreciated and received their gifts. At this cultural event, the donation of the statue and the Pezhhan honorary plaque and cash gifts are also given to the selected staff of the Institute. The ladies Maryam Sharifinia, Elham Zare, Sepideh Tafazzoli and the gentlemen Poorya Oryani, Rooh-al-allah Rooshanfekr were honored to be selected, and announced as selected colleagues. The staffs of the Pezhhan Institute at the offices of Tehran, Holy Mashhad, Gheshm, Kish, Bandar Abbas and Shiraz were present at this Pezhhani ceremony.


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